Answering some questions, due to popular demand

What’s the difference between Prince Andrew and Manchester United?

Prince Andrew’s never regretted getting rid of Fergie.

First of all, thank you for all the emails I received, I will go through them all and respond in due time, but it will take a while. I want to respond there to certain questions that came up a lot, or rather many of you had the same questions that bothered you and I want to answer them here. It will save me from writing a couple of dozen personal responses. Thank you for your patience and understanding and particularly thank you for reading this blog.

Plenty of people asked me what was the pipe tobacco blend and brand that my father used to smoke. It was or rather is Davidoff Royalty. Although my dad is not gone for that long I still miss him dearly and have now picked up the habit of smoking his pipe on occasion.

The Cigars that are in the humidor are not many, but most are from a company named Habanos SA, is that right? Some have “Bolivar” on them as well. I have not tried any of them yet, I will write about it as soon as I do.

Women mostly asked me about my initial reason to give up regular smokes, but on that plane nothing is happening anyway. To have kids you need a suitable partner, someone you want to have kids with and I am not there yet, although my clock is ticking and I am very weak in terms of smoking. By the way, my favourite blend of cigarettes are Marlboros, I am surprised you did not get that from the Marlboro Man post. In any case, there you are.

In terms of eShish flavours, or rather Shisha Pen flavours that I prefer, I rather enjoy stuff that is not too sweetly and fruity scented, but I did try most of the disposable ones. With the refillable I am still experimenting, I have not found my favourite e-liquid yet. I did like DeKang Tobacco flavour, anything coffee flavoured is nice, the eShish FC Line is okay. I do not smoke anything minty either, no cigarettes and no e-cig liquids with mint in it.

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