Electronic cigarettes and why New York City tries to ban them

Three smokers walk into a bar. Right afterwards they were driven into the emergency room. The bar was set too low.

Although it was attempted earlier – and failed – e-cigarettes are a true invention of the 21st century. The first modern apparatus was created by a Chinese pharmacist, but after the initial success in China and later elsewhere, patent limitations were exploited to create many different electronic devices that can work as vapour and smoke producing cigarette emulators. While nicotine is generally involved in many mixtures, other mixtures do exist, from simple scented steam to less legal cannabis cartridges, everything can be found, depending on where you live and how particular you are about legality.

These e-cigs do look very different, some are almost indistinguishable from their established ordinary cousins, and some are looking like miniature hookahs. As of right now, in most countries around the world electronic cigarettes are legal to use – as long as the ingredients are legal – and they are not covered by smoking bans, because secondary smoking is not an issue here. In the United States, however, although the equalization of e-cigarettes to normal tobacco products was blocked, sales to minors are prohibited by law and furthermore many states and larger cities – New York City in particular – intend to “regulate the e-cig usage in the same way as that of normal cigarettes”, because the definition of “safe” or “safer than cigarettes” has not been clearly defined nor scientifically proven.

Mechanical personal vaporizers seem to be the best version of such electronic cigarettes, because you can reuse them, refill them with whatever e-juice you like, including the aforementioned contraband fillers, they do not look like cigarettes, so there is no confusion when you “light-up” in smoking-free areas and overall they are cool gadgets. The most popular versions of such mechanical-PVs are the so-called Shisha Pens, currently the latest fad in the club scene and with celebs who used to smoke. eShish is closer related to Hookahs, being that a “real” eShish device is not supposed to have any nicotine in the e-liquid. The popular eShish is actually a product of Vapelux, whereby the factory is located – yeah, you guessed it – in China.

I will return to the eShish craze later on, but for now, allow me to continue with the positive effects of electronic cigarettes and why, if you are a smoker, you may want to consider switching, particularly if you consider or are already having children. There is no secondary smoking involved. Which means, even if at some point ingredients that are in your e-cig prove to be fatal for you, you will not have killed your loved ones as well. Excuse me for being blunt, but the facts are facts and as a smoker myself, I had to face them, just as my grandma did, who passed away due to cancer. Such occurrences are some of the inconvenient consequences that are generally related to smoking and should be kept in mind, if you are a mentally capable individual. I will return to this later as well, but now, let us have a look at smoking in general.

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