How to keep a lid on your craving, or you may be better than I am

I constantly say no to cigarettes, they just don’t seem to listen!

As you may have gathered, I am conflicted with this whole smoking thing. I used to smoke, a lot, and I did like it a lot. I am now on eShish, which is really nice, but sometimes I do miss my nicotine buzz and then I take out my refillable e-cig and enjoy it for a bit. After I have done so, for some reason, I do feel guilty, as if I have done something wrong. I am conscious about the peer pressure that is being forced upon smokers, I would even call it bullying, but on the other hand, while smoking was generally acceptable smokers were extremely inconsiderate to everybody else. Payback time!

If you go to a country where people still smoke a lot, countries like China, Russia, any of the former Yugoslav countries, the first thing you notice is that cigarette butts are everywhere. Living in a regulated environment, such as the UK is – do not laugh, you have no idea – you get used to the neat life that belongs to your daily routine. If for some reason you get to live in some other country where people still smoke almost everywhere, you start to notice people reeking of cigarette smoke, fags on the floor everywhere, ashtrays are more common than waste baskets and there are sections in restaurants and bars where people still are allowed to smoke. Once you are in such an environment and you are a former smoker like me, who really liked it, you are right back there where you started.

Yes, I did have a relapse, so sue me. I went to Serbia, to that EXIT festival and it was awesome. The food there is just unbelievable and after you have filled your innards with everything and then took even seconds; you notice the cigarette smoke coming from everywhere. There is no force in the world or elsewhere that will keep you from lighting up. Additionally, in comparison to here, the cigs are ridiculously cheap. I do not know how people there stop smoking, perhaps because their economy is totally busted and people earn a fraction of what we are used to, the prices may not seem cheap to them, I do not know. In any case, I was unable to stick to my e-cig, I lit up and that is all there is to it.

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