Sherlock Holmes did it and so did I

Dr John Watson: [after Sherlock has just explain his working out of Watson's veteran status, his war wound and his sibling's drinking problem] That… was amazing.

Sherlock Holmes: You think so?

Dr John Watson: Of course it was. It was extraordinary. It was quite extraordinary.

Sherlock Holmes: That’s not what people normally say.

Dr John Watson: What do people normally say?

Sherlock Holmes: "Piss off"…

Today, for the first time in my life I decided to try out smoking a pipe. I went through my late father’s stuff and there it was, still somewhat smelling of him and I got all melancholy and decided to light it up. His birthday is coming up and every year I feel his presence in a way, so I really wanted to feel near him again, somehow safe and on the other hand in awe of him, he was my first hero and remained one up until the day he died. In a way, he still is.

In any case, I also found his humidor; he left it to me, knowing that I was the only one in the near family who did smoke passionately. There are some cigars in there, which I will keep for a more appropriate occasion, but the few unopened tins of pipe tobacco caught my eye. I decided to open one and simply enjoy my evening by smoking a pipe in my father’s honour. While I needed a bit to figure out how to use a pipe, even how to light it properly, at the end I managed to dwell in my memories and smoke the pipe, the flavour being exactly what my dad used to exhale all over the house. Good times.

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