Shisha pens and why that fad is not going away

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein

As soon as the Shisha Pens became public knowledge, kids went out of their way to obtain one. There is no nicotine in there and no Shisha devices with contraband substances are available in the UK. It would seem that it is only harmless fun, since that kids always needed to rebel and smoking used to be the first expression of rebellion against adults, until it became uncool to smoke real cigarettes. But the need to rebel against authority and parents remained and the e-cigarettes became the instant new fad. Unfortunately, the authority figures did exactly as they were supposed to, they banned Shisha Pens from most schools, which made them hundred times more interesting.

What is so special about Shisha Pens?

There are disposable and rechargeable – refillable Shisha Pens available like those from Hoops eShisha, with flavours galore, no tobacco, no nicotine, no carbon monoxide, no ash, and no tar. The flavours start with the more common and immediately definable scents like strawberry, cherry, watermelon, apple, cinnamon, orange, lemon; but there are also the more candid ones, like exotic sex, Aries, good times; even unexpected ones like Red Bull energy. While in the US the sale to minors is prohibited, in the UK any teenager can purchase his or her own without questions asked; a very popular item in online sales.

Why the sudden popularity?

If you are a smoker, then you might be sick of having to go out of the building to smoke. With a Shisha Pen, or a similar product, you can stay indoors and get your share of smoke, without even anybody noticing. There is no nicotine in it, but it does really help and when it is cold outside it is more than a welcome temporary relief. Besides, many people now think it is cool to be seen with a Shisha Pen, since plenty of celebrities are using them. They are trying to not be seen, since that celebrities rarely use stuff in public they are not endorsing for money, but paparazzi caught a couple, like Manchester City player Joleon Lescott, Kimberley Walsh of Girls Aloud and Rihanna. Since that this is a fad that is just now getting immensely popular, expect to see some A-list stars snatching that endorsement deal up.

Future of Shisha Pens

Soon some will release test results about Shisha Pens and declare them for either safe or unsafe for some reason. Concerns have been raised because of the use of propylene glycol in the liquids for Shisha Pens, but no scientific data verifies this. Propylene glycol is readily metabolised by the human body and of all the metabolised components the only one viewed as potentially problematic is propionaldehyde. Tests of propylene glycol being administered to animals resulted in an FDA classification as “generally recognised as safe”. In the UK it is approved as a direct food additive. Since that Shisha Pens are generally classified as safe, at least in Europe, it is to be expected that the current popularity will only spread.

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