Smoke Like A Fish

Do you know why Salmon do not smoke? Some fish once saw a smoked salmon and the word got around!

At some point you have to stop and think about it: Why do people smoke? The environment is polluted enough, we add to our body all kind of toxic elements through inappropriate food and other things we decide to swallow, apply to our skin, inhale without knowing or admitting to, wash our hair in, use to wash anything we touch or touches us and if you understand how I feel about it, then you know it is all for nothing, since that we leave our security bubble and enter into the world of pollution where people relish the thought of dirt. My brother used to tell me that if I wanted to smoke I might as well just suck on an exhaust pipe of a car, same thing. I was young, I did not care, I had the world in my hand and probably oral fixation issues I did not manage to abandon when I was a toddler.

At some point, this had to change. If I wanted to have kids, and I, Eloise Simpson, counted on it, the smoking had to go. Tobacco smoke does mess with your female organs and makes you infertile if you manage to not pay attention long enough. Unfortunately, the itch to blow smoke remained and I mean it in the best possible way. I started to look for alternatives and suddenly the whole world opened up for me. There were hookahs, e-cigs, shisha pens, I do not want to mention it but here it goes – bongs, even pipes were presented as alternatives to regular smoking and once Pandora’s Box was open, I had to find something that would work for me and still leave my birth machine intact.

This is not a ganja blog, if this is what you think it is. This is a blog of a passionate smoker, yours truly, and I am not out to convert anybody. Just letting you all know that there is more out there than the overpriced packet of smokes and it does not have to be the contraband grass that suddenly gets legal all over the place – well, not yet, really. In any case, if you are interested in finding out why people really smoke, what alternatives are available to classic cigarettes and why you should consider at least trying such a thing, then read on – Smoke Like A Fish!

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