The portable hookah or why do people perceive refillable e-cigs to be fancy bongs

"Hey man, how’s my driving?"

"I think we’re parked, man."

Electronic cigarettes are a pretty recent innovation. You may not have known this, but tobacco was originally used almost exclusively in the Americas. Early settlers learned about tobacco from American Indians – Native Americans and consequently introduced it all over the world. Indian shaman priests used the tobacco for its hallucinogenic purposes, with Native Americans regarding it as a substance that is to be used in religious, or rather spiritual context. Europeans came up with the recreational use of the drug, but at that time even cocaine and opium were legal. The original Coca Cola did have cocaine as one of the main ingredients, to this day extracts of the coca plant are being used, albeit allegedly without any opiatic residues.

The original hookah was apparently invented as a filtering mechanism in order to remove any health related ill effects of the tobacco smoke by a physician who lived in Persia in the early 16th century. Since that human ingenuity has no limits, very soon thereafter not only tobacco was used in such and similar contraptions. Most popular ingredients did, and still do despite the legal ban, hashish and opium, but tobacco was the initial intent, just like with the e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, people will try to smoke almost anything. It is not unexpected, because the context is historic and people do like to get high, otherwise nobody would purchase drugs.

In any case, there will be always some controversy when tobacco is in question, particularly because there is a lot of money involved. Whenever a lot of money is being handled, tobacco companies still have revenues that range into double-digit billions of US dollars, there all kind of vultures will gather.

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