There is a special circle of Hell for lawyers

Statistically, 6 out of 7 dwarfs are not Happy.

If you are in the US, you may have heard that another e-cigarette company has settled a lawsuit, prohibiting the sale of e-cigs to minors, even packages that may appeal to minors and whatnot. While it does seem prudent to not allow minors to smoke anything that may be harmful; this move is showing the growing tendency to demonize e-cigarettes and rank them in the same section as regular cigarettes. While the FDA seems to have received plenty of funding from somewhere for such attacks, simply declaring all e-cigarettes bad is just like declaring all cars unsafe for driving, just because one car developed a problem.

Now our friends, the American smokers are facing even bigger problems. FDA is up in arms to ban almost all e-cigarettes that are containing anything other than water and flavourings. If you did not know, e-cigs can contain all sort of liquids in there, no surprise is that there were e-liquids available with Cialis, Vapour Rush – yes, it is exactly what you think it is – and maybe other ingredients. The FDA is openly stating that such devices can be used to “administer heroin, crack or even more potent drugs” –more potent than crack, you said? – by means of ASH, Action on Smoking and Health, which is the equivalent to Gestapo during the Third Reich, only targeting smokers and tobacco aficionados.

What is the problem here?

Because some criminals found a way how to distribute drugs easier to addicts, all regular smokers will be targeted as potential drug addicts, dealers and who knows what. This is just the same ridiculous approach the US has laid upon their immigration, where each and every illegal immigrant was automatically declared a potential terrorist and got deported – a law that is just getting more strict as we speak. This “illegal immigrant” is also applicable to every student that overstayed his or her visa; furthermore INS agents have the right to revoke any and all resident and visa permits, without due process or reasonable doubt, even without probable cause. Imagine now that you walk the down street, happily sucking on your eShish and cops bust you for drug possession, although you did not have any contraband drugs on you. The eShish or any such e-cig with container can be viewed just as a crack pipe, making you punishable by law. Since that you, like me, are probably a UK citizen, say hello to your additional qualification as a terrorist as well.

I am not going to the US, what do I care?

Well, since that the UK puppet regime is following suit with everything that happens overseas, or rather blindly applying whatever the Big Brother America is ordering them to do; I reckon that we can expect widespread bans on e-cigarettes to soon flood our homeland as well.

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