To smoke or not to smoke that is the question

Did you hear about the dyslexic Devil-worshipper? He sold his soul to Santa!

I remember that once you could buy bubble gum that was shaped like a cigarette. They were really tasty, with real sugar, not the kind you get nowadays where instead of sugar they put in laxatives. Camel Joe was discontinued, because it was argued in court that it appealed to children and that this was the original intent by R.J. Reynolds. Hey, they invented the pre-rolled cigarettes as we know them today, because before that everybody smoked rollies. This invention just celebrated 100 years, folks, bring out the champagne – or rather not.

If you are young and have never smoked, simply save yourself all the hassle and do not smoke. If you really want to try it out, try it out, but also consider rather opting for a Shisha Pen or a similarly less frowned-upon habit. Non-smokers find people smoking regular cigarettes “smelly”, because the smoke lingers in their clothing, breath and hairs. Continuous smoking has an impact on your complexion, your voice will change in due time, you will develop a cough and you will get addicted to it. Scientists have proven that smoking does affect your health, but what exactly you will die of is anybody’s guess.

On the other hand, there is nothing in this world like smoking. Smoking weed is a completely different experience, more akin to getting wasted by drinking booze. Weed actually does not make you addicted, but the buzz diminishes if you do it constantly and you will opt for something stronger. Incidentally, if you smoke a cigarette or two a day, or even less, then the impact this has on your health is less than what the polluted environment does to you, so it is not considered a real problem. The problem is sticking to the one cigarette a day.

The bummer is that you simply do not know, just as you do not know if you as a social drinker will not turn into an alcoholic until it is too late. Everything is manageable as long as you can keep it in the “once every now and then” category. Unfortunately, you will start to rationalise your habit spiralling out of control and before you know it you are in denial. Once you open that second pack for the day, you are in denial. Once you are finishing it off the same day, you are beyond reason. I know what I am talking about, I was there. A prolonged stay in a hospital on an unrelated – at least I hope it was – had me go cold turkey and I am on eShish ever since.

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