Tobacco production worldwide and why there always will be smokes

One lady came to the emergency room with both ears bandaged, burned. “What happened?” asked the nurse at the reception. The lady said: “I was ironing and the phone rang, so I put the iron to my ear and said hello…” “Ouch” said the nurse “but what is up with the other ear?” “I wanted to call 999…”

Did you know that China produces ten times the amount of tobacco as the whole of EU? In fact, China produces more tobacco than 10 subsequent countries that follow in the chart and then some. While big tobacco producing countries are spread all over the world, the main tobacco industry leaders are located either in the US or the UK, with India closely following suit. On the other hand, China produces 39.6% of the world tobacco leafs, which amounts to 12% of Chinas gross national income. There is only one Chinese company manufacturing tobacco products, the China Tobacco Company, which is the largest single tobacco producing manufacturer in the world, with almost a thousand different separate brands. The nearly two trillion cigarettes that China’s smokers consume over the year come mostly out of this company. If you know that almost everything else is being made in China – just kidding – it puts the monetary influence tobacco has on national level there into a very clear perspective.

Numbers are boring, but they still display quite clearly how big of a business tobacco still is. Around seven million tons of tobacco is being produced each and every year, this is the official statistic. There are over a billion people smoking today, they manage to burn approximately five trillion cigs a year.

It does feel good that you are not alone, does it not? Anyway, the ridiculous amount of cigs that is being smoked all over the world does not include cigars, rollies, e-cig liquids, cigarillos and whatever else is out there. Reading all these numbers kind of affected me and not in a good way. I will once again attempt to abandon smoking cigarettes and return to my eShish and e-cigs, really.

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